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You can use the REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API, to request resources on the KickApps Social platform (such as media files and member comments) and use and display them to suit your exact needs.

Information for Reviewers

If you're reviewing this guide or are new to API development, the following sections will be especially useful. If you need API access data or features not currently exposed by the REST or SOAP API calls, contact KIT Cloud Social for more information.

  • Getting Started. Familiarizing yourself with the KIT Cloud Social APIs.
  • REST API. Describes each "call" developers can make to the KIT Cloud Social servers. From each description, you can link to the call's details.
  • Change Log. Stay abreast with the ever evolving KIT Cloud Social APIs. Here you can track new calls, bug fixes and documentation updates for the KIT Cloud Social APIs.
  • Glossary. Definition of commonly used terms in this documentation.
  • REST API Sample Applications. Take a look at how these API references look while in action.

List of Kit Cloud Social API Calls

Note: Occasionally (and without advanced warning) we modify our API calls by adding new parameters in the response payload. Please keep this in mind when designing your strategy for parsing our responses.