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Adding Facebook functionality to your site can make it easier for your members to log in by letting them use their Facebook IDs, drive more member sign-ups by letting new users register for your site with their Facebook IDs and by letting existing users invite their Facebook friends to your site, and drive traffic to your site from links included in status updates and "Like" entries on Facebook.


Log in and sign up using Facebook IDs

Facebook has over 400 million active users. Many of your current and future users probably have a Facebook account. Make it easy for them to log in and sign up to your site with their Facebook IDs by activating the RPX App from the Add/Remove Apps page in the AC. With the RPX App enabled, users will be able to create accounts and sign in not only with their Facebook ID, but also Google, AOL, Yahoo!, and Open IDs.

With the RPX App installed, your member sign up page will have a new 3rd party login area, including a button for Facebook:


The same 3rd party account interface will also appear in your member log in areas:


Invite friends from Facebook

Letting your users invite their Facebook friends to your community offers a great opportunity for them to connect with friends on your site, while helping you attract more members and stimulate activity.

You can add an Invite Friends from Facebook button to your Invite Friends page by copying the CSS and script on this page into your Global Page Template. With this script in place, an Invite friends from Facebook button will appear on the Invite Friends page within the "my home" area:


Publish activity to the Facebook news feed

The KIT Cloud Social Facebook Status Updates module lets users post updates to their Facebook walls whenever they upload media items, add media items to their Favorites, make comments, join groups, sign up for your site, and post to your message board. Learn how to set up the module.

With the Facebook Status Updates module in place, Tell my Facebook friends checkboxes will appear across your KIT Cloud Social-powered pages in areas where users can perform one of the supported activities:


Adding the video to my Favorites posts an update to my Facebook wall:


Add Facebook Like buttons to your play pages

Facebook Like buttons provide a way for users to make connections to your KIT Cloud Social-powered pages and post their "Likes" back to their Facebook pages. You can add Facebook Like buttons to all your KIT Cloud Social-powered play pages by copying the script Adding Facebook Like Buttons into the Footer section of your Global Page Template.

With this script in place, Facebook like buttons will appear on your KIT Cloud Social-powered play pages like this:


Then, when users click the Like button and log in through Facebook, their "Likes" will appear on their Facebook walls with links back to your pages, like this: