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Flag a media comment or a member profile comment as being inappropriate for the community. When a comment is flagged, the affiliate is notified. A “flagged for review” message displays to the member who issued the flag. You can make an HTTP POST or GET request for this call.




As shown above, your call will include the following parameters:

  • commentId. The id for the file or comment number being flagged.
  • mediaType. The media type. audio, photo, sets, blog, video, emedia, or user. user flags a member profile as being inappropriate for the community.
  • mediaId/userId. The id for the file or member being flagged. This is specific to both the affiliate site and the member or media type. If you are flagging a comment on a member profile, pass the userId for the member whose comment is being flagged. For external media, this value can be anything, but it must be included (it is nonfunctional).
  • as. The site that this media id is associated with. as is unique for each of the affiliate's sites.

Post Parameters

  • t. String. Required. Your access permissions.
  • callback. String. Optional. The name of your JavaScript callback function.
  • clientIP. String. Optional. Use the clientIP parameter to pass the IP address of the user making the call. If the IP has been blocked by the webmaster under the Affiliate Center -> Manage Members section, an error message will be returned starting with "status":"-1","error":"This IP address has been banned".
  • commentedByusername. The person who issued the comment that is being flagged.
  • commentText. The comment that is being flagged.
  • mediaName. The name of the media that is being flagged.
  • commentUserId. The userId of the member who is issuing the flag. Use only if you are flagging a member profile comment. Do not user a userID if flagging a media comment.
  • message. Required. A description of why the comment is inappropriate. Can be between 1 and 5,000 characters in length.
  • url. Required for external media only (do not include in other calls). The URL of the external media (same as pathToMedia).

JSON Payload

On success, a payload that begins with "status":"1","error":"".

List of Kit Cloud Social API Calls

Note: Occasionally (and without advanced warning) we modify our API calls by adding new parameters in the response payload. Please keep this in mind when designing your strategy for parsing our responses.