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KIT Cloud Social Connector for SugarCRM leverages the SugarCRM 5.2 connector framework to provide rich social data from a KIT Cloud Social site inside the SugarCRM interface. Thus, enabling users of SugarCRM instance to keep track of their contacts activity inside of their KIT Cloud Social Site.

Currently, this connector enables you to retrieve a users activity feed, groups, friends, and profile data inside of the SugarCRM interface. This connector can be easily extended to include more profile information.


Enabling the Connector

To enable the connector go to Admin> Connectors > Enable Connectors and enable any modules you would like to apply this connector to.


Configuring the Connector

Under the Admin > Connectors > Connector Properties provide your KIT Cloud Social Developer Key and affiliate (webamster) username.


Mapping the Connector Fields

Once you have enabled the modules that you want to apply this connector to you will need to map the connector fields to module fields to determine what connector data can be viewed for the module records.


KIT Cloud Social API's used in this connector

Coming Soon

Creating a contact/lead in the SugarCRM interface when a new member registers on the KIT Cloud Social Site.

List of Kit Cloud Social API Calls

Note: Occasionally (and without advanced warning) we modify our API calls by adding new parameters in the response payload. Please keep this in mind when designing your strategy for parsing our responses.