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Custom Meta Data allows you to store variable quantities of meta data (name-value pairs) in reference to media and user objects within the KIT Cloud Social data storage system. These name-value pairs can be used to filter feed results as well as retrieved for specific media item or user. You can also retrieve all name-value pairs added by a user on a media or user.

Your request will look something like this:{mediaType}/{mediaId}/{as}


  • mediaType. String. The media Type of the media item whose name-value pairs are being retrieved. Supported media types photo,blog,emedia(externalMedia),video,audio,and user.
  • mediaId. Integer. The media id of the media whose name-value pairs are being retrieved.
  • as. Integer. Your communities affiliate site id. Every community has a unique affiliate site id.

Post Parameters

  • t. String. Required. Your access permissions.
  • callback. String. Optional. The name of your JavaScript callback function.
  • clientIP. String. Optional. Use the clientIP parameter to pass the IP address of the user making the call. If the IP has been blocked by the webmaster under the Affiliate Center -> Manage Members section, an error message will be returned starting with "status":"-1","error":"This IP address has been banned".
  • name Optional. If provided this will be used to filter the results such that only a single name-value pair matching that name will be returned.
  • userId.Optional. Integer. If provided will only return name-value pairs for this media and added by that userId
  • url. Required only when media type is emedia.


On success a return that begins with "status":1,"results":"[{"createdAt":<createddate>","createdBy":<creatoruserId>, "createdByUsername":"<creatorname>","name":"<metaName>","value":"<correspondingValue>"}]","error":""}

On error a return that begins with "status":"-1","INFO":"".""results":"","error":"Media does not exist for affiliatesite."}

Or "status":"-1","INFO":"There is no entry for this mediaId". "status":1,"INFO":"No Match Found.","results":"","error":"Media does not exist for affiliatesite."}


All user types can make this call.


There is no explicit limit on the number of meta tags for each media item but the name and value fields will be limited as follows:

  • Name. No more than 128 alpha-numeric characters. May contain “-“ and “_” but no other characters.
  • Value.No more than 128 alpha-numeric characters. May contain “-“ (hyphen), “.” (dot), “_” (underscore), “?” (question mark), “!” (exclamation), “(“ (paren open),”)” (paren close), “&” (ampersand), “@” (at), “$” (dollar), ","(Comma) and “ “(Space) but no other characters.

Note: These text values and names must be “URL Component” encoded to ensure that special characters such as ampersand and question mark are handled appropriately.

List of Kit Cloud Social API Calls

Note: Occasionally (and without advanced warning) we modify our API calls by adding new parameters in the response payload. Please keep this in mind when designing your strategy for parsing our responses.