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This call enables you to retrieve a users media.

Your request will look something like the following:{userid}/{as}


As shown above, your call will include the following parameters:

  • userid. integer. The member whose profile is being retrieved.
  • as. integer. The site that this media id is associated with. as is unique for each of the affiliate's sites.

Post Parameters

  • t. String. Required. Your access permissions.
  • callback. String. Optional. The name of your JavaScript callback function.
  • clientIP. String. Optional. Use the clientIP parameter to pass the IP address of the user making the call. If the IP has been blocked by the webmaster under the Affiliate Center -> Manage Members section, an error message will be returned starting with "status":"-1","error":"This IP address has been banned".
  • mediaType. Required. string. Supported media types: audio, video, photo, blog, sets, emedia.
  • pageSize. Optional for pagination. Limit for records per page.
  • pgNum. Optional for pagination. Current page your are viewing.
  • totSize. Required if using pagination. Total number of records.
  • sortName. Filters supported for sortName are: votes, views, averageRating and createdAt. Default is createdAt.
  • sortBy. Filters supported for sortBy are: asc or desc. Default is Desc.


On success, a payload that begins with status":"1","error":""

  • username. The username of the member whose media or favorite media is being requested.
  • userId. The userId of the member whose media or favorite media is being requested.
  • pathToPhoto. The URL to the members full profile photo.
  • media. The media file and related information associated with the media.
  • isPrivacyEnabled. True or False. True if the media is private. False if media is public.
  • setIds. An array of all the sets that the media belongs to.
  • isAddToMediaSetAllowed. Boolean. True or False. Indicates if the media contributor has restricted the media from being added to sets that belong to other members. True if its restricted. False if not restricted.

On error where a user does not exist, a payload that begins with status":"-1","error":"The user does not exist."


All community members can access this call.

List of Kit Cloud Social API Calls

Note: Occasionally (and without advanced warning) we modify our API calls by adding new parameters in the response payload. Please keep this in mind when designing your strategy for parsing our responses.