Peer To Peer Service App

Peer To Peer Service App

  • Calender23 Jul 2022

Use our easy to use app platform to create an On- demand services marketplace. This platform helps your customers book different services provided by different service providers.

  • $75/Month
  • $500/Year
  • $900.00/Download
Platform: Hybrid

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Use our easy to use platform to create an On-demand services marketplace. This platform helps your customers to identify and schedule services from different service providers. You can set up and manage your business operations within your vertical market by signing up service providers into the system. On-demand service marketplace can be created in industries like fitness, coaching, food, personal services, handyman services, car, rentals, etc.

You can generate revenue by billing the service providers monthly fee or revenue share. Our feature-rich platform ensures excellent user interface thereby deriving a fantastic user experience. We also have an IOS app for the users to book a slot. There is also a vendor app that allows the service providers to manage the bookings. For more information about the platform visit

Main Features of our app

  • APP for Vendors: The vendor app lets the vendors get their schedules well in advance allowing them to plan their businesses or get customers right now.
  • APP for Users: Our app lets the users pick the service provider and get an appointment for the service for known prices.
  • Supports Multiple Providers: Each order will be submitted to a specific vendor. The money directly goes to the vendor's account.
  • Easy Payment: Payments can be made with the app.
  • One Powerful Administration Panel: By integrating the entire functions, you can stay in full control of orders, services, reports, vendors and much more. Control panels are also available for vendors and users.
Our mobile app is available for Service Providers as well as Users. The turnkey user app lets your customers choose an appropriate service provider and book an appointment for before taking service. The users can have this application to book the services provided by the admin. Users can hop into our app and find the right service and staff for them. This turnkey vendor app lets the vendors get schedules well in advance, allowing them to plan their business in a better way.

What you can expect from our app?

  • Location-based results – Users can find service providers within their vicinity for convenience thus save time and money.
  •  Multiple listings - The users get to view a list of service providers.

Why should you buy it?

  • Highly resourceful – Utilize this fantastic application to book services on the go!
  • Personalized service - Do you want to get personalized training from specialist trainers or seek an extra hour of music class? Then hop into our App and find the right service and staff for you and experience the difference.
  • Content Management System Included- Use our CMS (content management system) to edit all text and copy on static pages. Customize your app's homepage by managing the banners. We give you full flexibility to customize as you please.